There are many different ways out there to track your workouts and progress.  In the past, tracking your workouts involved a notebook or folder with paper and writing down what you did in your daily workouts.  These days with the growth and popularity of CrossFit and the availability of technology, there are many ways to track your workouts, growth, and progress.  The only question is…  Which way works best for you?

Why should I track my workouts?

Before we go over the different ways, let’s answer the question of “Why should I track my workouts?”  Have you ever come into the gym and look on the whiteboard to see the Skill/Strength is Cleans 5-5-5-5-5, and then you ask yourself “I don’t know what weight can clean 5 times.”  Tracking your workouts and progress will help you determine what weight you have done in the past and help you figure out what to do in the future. It also helps the trainer know where to start you on your weight for the skill and wod of the day. Tracking workouts will help you determine whether or not you are improving.  Sometimes you don’t realize just how far you have come in your fitness progress, until you look back and see where you were.  Seeing progress is motivation to keep going!

How should I track my workouts? 

Here are some ideas and methods.


  1. This is probably the easiest way to track your workouts.  It doesn’t require any special phone, computer, or knowledge.  Some things to think of when using this method are:
  2. Make sure you write the date you performed the WOD, the specifics about the exercises in the WOD (e.g. weight used, bands used on pull ups, height of box jumps, other ways you scaled, or if you Rx’d or PR’d on the WOD).
  3. Consider having 3 different sections in your notebook.  One section for daily WODs.  Another section to track reoccurring WOD, such as Hero WODs or Benchmark WODs (e.g. Annie, Fran, Cindy, etc).  And a third section to track max effort WODs, such as max weight on 3 reps of deadlifts or 1 rep max on shoulder press.

Viking CrossFit has also created “Tracking Sheets” that mirror the suggestions above and will allow those who use the older red folders or three-ring binders to print their own pages as needed.  These pages can be found and downloaded at the following links:


  • (BTWB) – This is a website that was created by CrossFitters, for CrossFitters.  This is a very effective and comprehensive method to track workouts, compare results on workouts, and track meals, body weight, and even track how you feel each day.  One of the best features of BTWB, is it will also compare your results to other gym members who use Beyond the Whiteboard to include compare you to other CrossFitters throughout the world that use this system.  It will also automatically post (if you select this option) your results to Facebook and/or Twitter for all your friends to see.


There are a lot of smart-phone apps that can be used to track your workouts. Some of these are meant to track any type of exercise (e.g. body building or Gold’s Gym workouts) and some are specifically or CrossFitters. Here are some of them.

Xfit Global App – This is an app that is designed for CrossFit gyms. It allows owners to personalize the app for their gym and provide gym information to the clients through the app. This app will give you the Daily WOD, the schedule for the week, and it will even give you a simple way to track your WODs. When you post your WOD results in this app, the app will automatically upload those results so all the gym members can see and compare results. The app is a one time cost of $0.99. To download the app follow the links below for either iPhones or Android phones. Once you have downloaded it, go to the settings and put in “vikingcrossfit” lower case and no space to start syncing our gym’s info.

CrossFit Travel App – Travel a lot?  Want to do a CrossFit workout but don’t have equipment or you don’t know what workout to do?  This is the app for you.  This app will generate, time, and track WODs that require ZERO equipment.  You can even upload your own creations.

Xercise / iXercise – This is a good WOD tracking app.  Due to the design of the app, the user is required to do a lot of the input, but it will track WODs, PRs, and benchmarks (e.g. Heros, Girls, and popular WODs).  It does cost, but can be effective if you want it all in one place.

Sugar WOD-   This is a new App that many people are really liking.  Sign up and find our gym in the system and get going on tracking your wods!

There are many of apps on both the iPhone and Android phones that can be used.  Each has it’s special feature.  The best thing is to try each and see what works for you.