Some things to expect when you first start the Paleo Diet.  

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Call it the detox period, the slump, withdrawal symptoms, the energy loss, or whatever, but for a period of 2-3 weeks following your switch to Eating Clean, you will feel tired, weak, and not very productive. You may have headaches, cravings, and even mood swings.  Your body has come to rely on sugars and starches for energy, and you’ve just taken all that away. All of sudden, your body has to re-learn how to use nature’s most efficient energy source: fat. Stay strong during these tough times. Fight the urge for sweets and caffeine. If you must, drink some herbal teas to help keep you going. Do not be tempted when someone brings in donuts to work, or you go to lunch with coworkers and they all order sandwiches with tasty looking bread. Try to avoid eating out.

After this two week period, you should notice something really cool begin to happen. Your energy returns, and not only that, it stays more constant throughout the day. You don’t feel as hungry or as often as you used to. Hopefully, your cravings for processed foods diminish and, after realizing what you have been missing out on all this time, you only want to eat higher quality foods. You only want to eat REAL FOODS. Welcome to the new you. Welcome to embracing your inner caveman!

You can do it!!!
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(This is Chris…he changed his diet for 30 days, lost 6.4 lbs, and 5.7% body fat.  He changed nothing with his exercise routine during this time and simply ate according to a whole food Paleo type template.)


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