What we do at Viking CrossFit is teach you how to move better. We draw from a wide variety of gymnastics and weightlifting movements and incorporate them in ways that make you stronger and more fit. We do not use machines. We use the body and we use weights to train more effectively. The coaching is supportive and enthusiastic to anyone who is willing to focus and put in the work. We a confident that we will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Methods During Class

Each one-hour class is held in a group and is lead by an experienced trainer who will guide you through a warm-up and help you work on the skill for that day. By focusing on a specific skill each day and then following it with a workout, improves your end result. You will then receive specific instruction on how to complete the workout for that day. The trainer will critique your form and give you guidance through the entire workout. We follow up each workout with stretching and mobility work. Each day your workout is different creating a variety that keeps things interesting and exciting. When you come to Viking CrossFit you have hired a personal trainer. Your trainer will guide you to your personal goals and programming needs. We have a variety of clients that include: firefighters, police officers, service members, moms, nurses, college athletes, and those in the more senior part of their lives. Workouts are scaled to fit the individual and then motivate that individual to be the best that they can be. Nutritional counseling also available.